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Tree Trimming

Did you know that tree trimming is important for the appearance of your trees, the health of your trees, and your safety? In many cases, having your trees trimmed is even legal required. You can trust Sacramento Tree Service Guys for expert tree trimming and pruning services from certified arborists. We help you make the most out of your outdoor space with expert services at affordable prices.

Why Trim Your Trees?
Trees of all sizes can benefit from periodic trimming services. When you contact us for tree trimming services in Sacramento, our arborists will assess your trees and recommend a trimming or pruning plan suited to your unique needs. When deciding how the tree should be trimmed, these major factors will be taken into consideration:

Tree Health: Dead, broken, or diseased tree branches must be removed from trees in order to prevent rot, fungi, and pests from infecting the entire tree. Even healthy branches should sometimes be trimmed in order to permit more sunlight to shine onto lower branches so the tree crown can grow into a round, attractive shape. Tree branch thinning can also to improve the air circulation within the tree. On young trees, trimming is essential for what is known as “structural enhancement,” meaning that the tree crown will develop in a desirable way. This also prevents the tree from becoming unstable, thus reducing the need for cabling and tree support services later on.

Home and Personal Safety: Tree branches can pose a serious safety risk. If they are broken or damaged, the branches can fall off and injure a person underneath. Tree branches also need to be trimmed when they are too close to your home as they could cause damage during a storm. In cases where the damaged tree limb is over a sidewalk, it is your obligation to trim the limb or you may face severe legal repercussions should it fall. As a property owner in California, it is also your legal obligation to trim branches which may interfere with utility lines.

Aesthetics and Landscaping: Good tree trimming services will not only make your trees look more attractive, but improve the visual appeal of your entire outdoor space. Our tree trimmers carefully trim trees to create a beautiful shape, give you more light or shady areas for your comfort, and to open up vistas or provide you with privacy.

Tree Trimming Methods
The arborists at Sacramento Tree Service Guys are ISA certified and highly trained in various methods of trimming trees. There are five main methods of tree trimming which are used on residential and commercial properties.

• Tree Cleaning: This involves removing dead, diseased, or broken tree branches.
• Tree Thinning: During this process, tree branches are carefully selected for removal in order to allow better air circulation and light throughout the tree crown.
• Tree Raising: Low branches are removed from the tree, such as when they are obstructing a walkway.
• Tree Reduction: This trimming method is often used on large trees which are dangerously close to power lines or homes.
• Structural Enhancement: In young trees, structural enhancement trimming ensures that the tree branches will develop in a way which creates a strong, attractive crown. When done early on, structural enhancement reduces the need for corrective trimming later on.

You can trust your trees with our experts! Contact us today to learn more about our tree trimming services or to schedule an estimate.
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