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Tree Service

At Sacramento Tree Service Guys, we offer comprehensive tree care services by ISA certified arborists. We work closely with clients to ensure their outdoor spaces are attractive, functional, and safe. Our commitment to excellent work, customer service, and fair pricing is why we are a leading tree service company in Sacramento.

Tree Care Consultations
Our tree services usually start with a consultation at your home or business. During the initial consultation, a certified arborist will look at your trees, landscaping, and property layout. We always listen carefully to our customers so we can fully understand their vision and landscaping goals. Then we will present ideas and options, taking into consideration factors like your budget and individual needs. Our certified arborists have years of experience and can help with troubleshooting and planning, such as pruning trees in a way which provides shade for your home while avoiding utility lines.

On the Ground Tree Services
Our tree services can be divided into on-the-ground services and in-the-air services. The most common tree services on the ground which we offer are planting, pruning, and stump and root removal. However, our tree services go much further than this. We are always open to new ideas and work with customers to come up with creative solutions to meet their needs.

We can help with:
• Tree planting and transplanting
• Tree and shrub pruning
• Pest and disease control
• Stump and root removal
• Tree fertilization and mulch application
• Trunk injections
• Landscape design
• Installing supports for at-risk trees
In the Air Tree Services
Oftentimes, it is necessary to get into the air to properly care for trees. Our ISA certified arborists have had extensive training in safety procedures and come prepared with equipment to access even very large and tall trees. Tree care aloft is often necessary for the safety of your family and home, such as pruning trees which might damage siding or removing tree limbs which are at risk of breaking. These services should only be provided by certified arborists and not your run-of-the-mill landscaper.
We can help with:
• Pruning large trees
• Tree crown restoration and thinning
• Cabling
• Dead limb removal
Tree Reports
In addition to our regular tree care services, our certified Sacramento arborists can provide you with tree reports for various purposes, such as insurance, HOA, or city permits. As part of our tree report services, we can identify the species of the trees, assess their health, and assess the safety of your landscaping plan.

Tree Care Education
At Sacramento Tree Service Guys, our goal isn’t just to provide the best tree care services in the area. We want to empower homeowners and business owners to make informed decisions about their trees, shrubs, and landscaping so they can make the most of their outdoor space. This is why we offer free education as part of our tree care services. Our arborists will take the time to explain your options and what you can do to ensure your trees thrive.

We are serious about tree care! Contact us today to learn more about our tree services or to schedule an appointment.
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