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Tree Evaluation

In urban environments, trees face many challenges to their growth. These can include disease, space limitations, and proximity to existing structures. Thus, it is necessary for property owners to have their trees evaluated to make sure that the trees thrive and do not pose a safety risk. Sacramento Tree Service Guys is able to help with reliable, affordable tree evaluation services from certified arborists.

Our tree evaluation services include:
• Tree safety evaluation
• Landscape evaluation
• Tree health evaluation
• Tree maintenance planning
• Written tree reports
Tree Safety and Hazard Evaluations
Trees are beautiful and can add value to your property, but they can also be dangerous if they are left to grow without care in an urban environment. One of the biggest tree safety issues is proximity to power and other utility lines. In California, it is the law that property owners are liable for pruning and trimming trees so they do not interfere with utility lines. Never try to trim tree branches which are near a power line yourself. This work should only be done by a certified arborist with access to professional equipment like cranes.

Another safety issue with trees is instable limbs. Limbs which are broken or damaged can fall off during high winds, causing damage or even death. Even healthy limbs can be a hazard, such as in storms. The limbs don’t have to fall off to cause damage – they could be blown onto a nearby structure, like your house, and cause serious damage. It is better to pay now for preventative tree trimming than pay for serious damages later on.

One tree hazard issue that many homeowners are unaware of is tree root growth into sewage pipes. The roots form a massive clog, which leads to unsanitary backups and the need for expensive repair work. Our arborists are trained to recognize these hazards and can advise you on steps to take to prevent damage.

Landscape Evaluation and Consultations
Are you looking to upgrade your property and need advice on what to plant and where? We offer landscape consultation services. Our certified arborists will visit your property and evaluate all factors which need to be assessed in order to come up with plan. We take into consideration factors like soil quality, existing landscaping, proximity to nearby structures, and the amount of time/resources you are willing to spend on landscaping maintenance. Based on these factors, we can help you come up with a landscaping plan which will meet your goals for your outdoor space.

Tree Health Evaluation
In urban environments, trees often need a bit of help in order to stay healthy. Some of common problems which may affect your trees include pests, disease, rot, wind damage, and inadequate light or air circulation. Our arborists are certified by the ISA and have extensive experience assessing and diagnosing tree health. We never make recommendations which aren’t necessary and work closely with our customers to come up with solutions for saving their trees and helping them thrive.

Written Tree Reports and Surveys
There are many reasons why you might need a written tree report, such as a report for homeowner’s insurance, a mortgage, a landscaping permit, or for settling tree disputes. Our certified arborists perform complete tree surveys in which the trees are fully inspected (including climbing to look for rot and broken limbs) and documented.

We are serious about tree care! Contact us today to learn more about our tree evaluation services or to schedule an estimate.
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