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Stump Removal

Tree stumps in your outdoor space can be very problematic, causing an eyesore and a major hassle during yard work. Removing tree stumps is not something that the average homeowner or even landscapers can handle on their own. With our team of certified arborists and professional equipment, Sacramento Tree Service Guys makes stump removal fast and easy.

Stump Removal Methods
There are several methods of removing stumps. The best choice will depend on factors like the size of the stump and depth of its roots, how obtrusive the stump is to your landscaping, and your budget. Our ISA certified Sacramento arborists will explain your options to you and help you make the best choice.

Option 1: Leave the Stump
If you wait long enough, the tree stump will eventually rot and decay away. However, this will generally take at least 8 years.

Option 2: Excavate the Stump
This method completely removes the tree stump and its main roots from your yard. Small tree stumps can generally be removed with basic hand-held equipment. For larger tree stumps, large equipment is needed to pull up the stump which is anchored by large, deep roots. This may be necessary in order to use the space for something else. Unfortunately, the equipment can cause some damage to your yard. Our arborists do everything in their power to minimize damages.

Option 3: Stump Grinding
Stump grinding is one of the most common methods of stump removal. It involves using a very powerful machine which chips away at the tree stump. The machine can even chip down into the earth to get at the roots. You can then cover the hole with a layer of earth. There will still be some roots below the surface of your yard, but the ground will be level so you can mow over it and it will no longer present a tripping hazard.

We take tree stump removal seriously. Contact us today to learn more about our stump removal services or to schedule an estimate.
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