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Sacramento Tree Service Guys not only help you with professional arboreal services, but also with innovative landscaping solutions. We pride ourselves on offering customer-service oriented landscaping services. By adapting to our customers’ ever-changing needs, we have been able to stay at the forefront of the landscaping industry and deliver the best solutions for each customer’s unique needs.

Our Landscaping Services Include:
• Landscape management
• Landscape renovation
• Regular maintenance plans
• Pest and disease control
• Lawn care programs
• Landscape design
• Water management
• Sustainable landscaping
• Tree care services
• Fire ordinance and weed abatement
• Consultations and evaluations
Custom Solutions to Landscaping Based On Your Unique Needs
The key to good landscaping services isn’t planting certain species, or applying mulches at certain times of the year. The real secret to good landscaping services is listening to our customers. Some of our customers enjoy spending time in their yards doing maintenance tasks like weeding and pruning. Others would rather just plant it and forget it. Our professional landscapers understand this, which is why we treat each job on an individual basis.

As part of our landscaping services, we will help you come up with a plan which is best suited for your unique needs. This may include advice about what to plant, ways to reduce water usage, and irrigation systems.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space
There are many benefits to having a well-landscaped outdoor space. On the most basic level, there is the aesthetic enjoyment of looking at beautiful landscaping. But we take landscaping beyond just aesthetics! Our landscapers can give you advice on how to make the most out of your yard or commercial property so you can enjoy benefits such as:

• Increase property value
• Reduce cooling costs
• Privacy
• Noise reduction
• Improved air quality
• Reduce flooding
• Soil erosion control
• Hazard prevention (such as keeping tree roots and limbs out of utility pipes and wires)
Commercial Landscaping Services
Don’t underestimate the impact that landscaping can have on your commercial business. Landscaping presents and inviting environment for your customers and clients. For your employees, landscaping can have benefits like boosting morale and reducing stress. Landscaping even has practical benefits like providing shade so cooling costs are reduced. However, commercial landscaping requires special planning and considerations to make sure it functions well in the space. Our landscapers have years of experience with commercial projects. We will help you maximize benefits from your outdoor space while minimizing maintenance requirements.

We are serious about landscaping! Contact us today to learn more about our Sacramento landscaping services or to schedule an appointment.
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