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Arborist Services

Sacramento Tree Service Guys is a leading provider of arborist services in California. Our certified arborists improve your outdoor space with comprehensive tree services that include space management, planting, care, and maintenance.

Why Hire a Certified Arborist?
An arborist is a person who has been trained in tree care. Unlike forestry experts, arborists focus on individual trees and making sure they thrive in their environment. Arboriculture is both a science and an art. It is a science in the sense that arborists must be well versed on tree biology, pest and disease control methods, fertilization, and techniques for ensuring trees thrive. It is an art in that arborists must consider how the tree will enhance the outdoor space where it is located, such as by providing shade and adding to the beauty of the landscape.

There is no shortage of “tree trimmers” which can be found in Sacramento. However, there is a vast difference between a your standard tree trimmer and a certified arborist. In order to become certified as an arborist by the ISA (the nonprofit group which sets the standards for arboriculture), arborists must prove their proficiency in all areas related to tree care.

In urban environments such as Sacramento, there are many things which can affect trees and their ability to thrive. Some of these things include the quality of the soil, amount of space for the tree to grow, and whether the tree branches will interfere with wires or walkways. A certified arborist will know how to handle these challenges so your trees stay healthy and look beautiful. Home and business owners should consider arborist services as an investment which can add value to their property.

The Best Arborists in Sacramento
At Sacramento Tree Service Guys, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for tree care. Arboriculture can be dangerous work as it often involves climbing high trees, removing large branches, or using heavy machinery. You can rest assured that our certified arborists are trained in all safety protocols and never take shortcuts. All our arborist services are performed in a way that ensures our employees, your family, and your property stay safe. Our arborist services include:

• ISA certified arborists
• Tree evaluation services
• Space planning
• Pruning and trimming
• Tree and stump removal
• Fertilization and mulch application
• Tree planting and transplanting
• Arboricultural consulting
• Emergency services
Emergency Tree Services

There are some cases when tree services cannot wait. We at Sacramento Tree Service Guys are here for you with 24/7 emergency arborist services. If a storm has caused damage to your trees or their limbs, do not try to remove them yourself. It is not worth the risk of damage to your property or a trip to the emergency room! Our arborists can help by arriving quickly on scene with tools like whole-tree wood chippers, cranes and other professional equipment for removing damaged tree branches or tree limbs which have fallen on your property.
We are serious about tree care! Contact us today to learn more about our arborist services or to schedule an appointment.

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